12 X – Joris Van de Moortel

12 x Breugel by Joris Van de Moortel

This delicate little art book was created for the art installation “12 X” by Joris Van de Moortel at the 5th edition of the Bang! Festival. The festival, organised by Kultuur Kaffee with Joris Van de Moortel as curator, took place in Brussels. Van de Moortel’s chosen theme was a collection of 12 proverbs by Breugel. Each proverb is associated with a specific musical note and was performed at one of the 12 soirées of the festival.

In the book, the 12 proverbs are displayed and combined with staves. It was manually sown with black thread by Redopapers, which gives it an additional special touch. This limited edition was printed in 100 copies, only available at one of these 12 soirées.


Joris Van de Moortel

Bang! Festival

  • 12 X
  • Joris Van de Moortel