Cylinder #9B, Joris Van de Moortel

Stockmans participates in the Cylinder collection by Joris Van de Moortel

This special edition for artist Joris Van de Moortel is full of unique features. The book is made up of 3 different kinds  of paper. Behind the sturdy, pine green cover are distinctive black pages with cut-outs shaped like a circle. These are used to immediately ‘zoom into’ the photos within that were printed on eight transparant film pages. To facilitate the viewing of the photos, a loose white page was added to the book. Thanks to a white background the colours really pop out. Each picture also tells two stories, depending on which way you place the white page.

The binding method for the book was also not an obvious choice. It was quite a challenge to get this thin little book glued and put printing on the spine. The end result is a book to be proud of!


Joris Van de Moortel