Frederic Geurts – The works 2010 – 2017

Frederic Geurts

“There is no symmetry at all to be found in Frederic Geurts’ installations. Their balance is always endangered by imbalance. The work finds an unpredictable point of rest between certainty and uncertainty, stability and instability, […] It is a highly individual, shaky beauty without rules that recurrently finds a form and a formulation, almost in spite of the artist. It is as true beauty should  be and always has been: a paradox of anarchy and consensus, a concordia discors.”

Francis Smets – Scipio’s Dream


This publication assembles the works that Frederic Geurts created between 2010 and 2017 under the title ‘The works 2010-2017’. A cover with flaps and bound by glue, this art catalog was designed by Livin Mentens. She chose to incorporate the previous publication ‘The works 1988-2009’ in her design and had both books wrapped together with Arctic Volume 150 grams.



Frederic Geurts

Livin Mentens

  • Frederic Geurts
  • Cover : Mediapost Natura Blauw 250 grs

    Inner pages: Arctic Volume 115 grs

    Wrap: Arctic Volume 150 grs

    Size: 210 x 275 mm portrait – open : 420 x 275 mm