It’s not about cars – Harry Gruyaert

At Stockmans it’s not about cars. It’s about Harry Gruyaert.

“This exhibition, and in extension, this publication, is … not about cars; the automobiles are just pretext to make a selection from that rich archive treating form, colour and light.”

This publication on the occasion of an exhibition at Gallery FIFTY ONE contains a captivating selection of images by photographer Harry Gruyaert. Despite the many cars in the images, they mainly function as a guide through the oeuvre of Harry Gruyaert for the reader. His work is characterized by a cinematographic framing and a very sensitive interaction in which several elements – mainly colour, form, light and movement – come together in front of his lens.

Roger Szmulewicz from Gallery FIFTY ONE summarizes this art catalogue best: “A world of things, people, and yes, places, cars, atmospheres … life.”



Available at Gallery FIFTY ONE.