Lust for Life, Tom Liekens

Lust for Life at Tom Liekens and Stockmans

Tom Liekens creates monumental paintings and collages with a very distinct imagery. A subject that reappears often in his work is nature in its artificial form, the way we find it at the zoo and museums of natural history. Or even in the way landscapes and animals were represented throughout art history, in fairytales and in films. His work filled with quotes from art and art history. With his original works he occupies a unique position in the art scene. This richly illustrated book, in collaboration with De Vrienden van De Zwarte Panter, offers an overview of his recent works. It contains critical texts by art historians Frank Herreman and Katharina Van Cauteren and Tiki-archeologist Sven Kirsten.


Tom Liekens

De Zwarte Panter

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