Max Pinckers – Margins of excess


In ‘Margins of Excess’ artist Max Pinckers explores the notion of how personal imagination conflicts with generally accepted beliefs is expressed through the narratives of six individuals. Every one of them momentarily received nationwide attention in the US press because of their attempts to realize a dream or passion, but were presented as frauds or deceivers by the mass media’s apparent incapacity to deal with idiosyncratic versions of reality.

For this book, Stockmans and bookbinder Hexspoor were strongly involved in the design process (by Rudy Latoir) to allow their technical know how to improve the book. Multiple paper tests were done which resulted in the choice of 3 different kinds of paper: Arctic Volume White (115 g), Image Coloraction atoll/ivory (80 g) en Clairefontaine Trophée pearl grey (80 g). Despite the complexity of this decision, we were able to glue the sections to each other in an automatic stream. To enhance the magazine vibe and to let the book lay open easily, we opted for the stitched Otabind technique (with black thread). Thanks to the open and early communication between artist, graphic designer, printer and bookbinder this complex production process ran very smoothly. A book we can all take pride in!


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Max Pinckers