Peter de Cupere I Smell of War

Olfactory art in the spotlight with Peter de Cupere

In response to the series of W.O. I memorial events in 2014 – 2018, artist Peter de Cupere curates and participates in the exhibition “The Smell of War”. An exhibition that is wonderful, confrontational, sensitive and appeals to the imagination, with artists who all approach art via their nose.

How smells transform images. Powerful!


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  • The Smell of War
  • Peter de Cupere, town of Poperinge, The Olfactory
  • Hardcover with 112 inside pages

    210 x 297 mm

    Inside pages: Arctic Volume bulking 150 gr

    Endpapers : Malmero Vermillion 145 gr

    Printing cover: Recto 4-Colour – Outside cover with matt lamination

    Inside pages: Recto-Verso 4-Colour on UV press

    Stitched hardcover – straight stiff spine, glued on 2.0 mm pulpboard with headbands