Station to Station, Bruno Vekemans

Stockmans goes Station to Station with Bruno Vekemans

This catalogue was created on the occasion of the exhibition of Bruno Vekemans, Station to Station at gallery Verbeeck-Van Dyck. The catalogue contains a collection of new works by the Belgian contemporary painter. The artist takes the reader one a melancholy journey full of desires and nostalgia, via stations and trains. Simultaneously, Vekemans pays tribute to David Bowie. The catalogue feels and reads like a nostalgic travel magazine, a feeling that is enhanced by the 8 removable postcards at the heart of the publication.


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Bruno Vekemans

Gallerie Verbeeck – Van Dyck

  • Station to Station - Bruno Vekemans
  • Galerie Verbeeck Van Dyck
  • ISBN 9789077207352

    64 pag. genaaid / open rug

    Formaat 230 x 330 mm staand

    Gewicht : 485 grs

    2-talig NL – UK