UN/CUT by Pascal van Loenhout

Discover Pascal van Loenhout’s second monography UN/CUT, an artbook full of un-hairdressy haircuts. No traditional introduction for this book, but a heartfelt an uncensored version of Pascal’s life story. An honest testimony of his road so far, about how that road was filled with demons that accompany success and creative crises he needed to overcome. A story that will have a great impact on anyone who reads it.

The work of the unconventional Antwerp hairstylist was photographed by Charlie De Keersmaecker and given a design by Paul Boudens. Bright red hues against a backdrop of black and white images with pages that are cut in half at the book’s centre. The result is a timeless book published by Stockmans, that every fashion/hair fan will want on their coffee table.


I’ve always had a fascination for things that last. I don’t like the ephemeral and I certainly don’t care much for trends. I prefer style, timelessness, minimalism and simplicity.

‘I’ll take you to London,’ she said, ‘let’s see what that does to you.’ […] Pearl Jam was playing, loudly, and suddenly these hairdressers and their models got on stage looking so fucking cool. Then they started cutting, sectioning off the hair methodically. And the way they talked! About art and street culture… After ten minutes of getting sucked in by the spectacle of it all, I said, out loud: ‘THIS is exactly what I want to do.’

– Pascal van Loenhout


Available at the Stockmans Art Books webshop! Find it here.




  • UN/CUT
  • Pascal van Loenhout

    Size: 240 x 300 mm (portrait)

    Cover: Wibalin Natural White 120 grs

    Inner pages: Arctic Volume White 170 grs

    Foil on spine and cover

    Red edge painting

    Manual cut of a number of pages at the centre of the book