Van Os, presenting the cowlection

About birds and bees at Van Os. Or rather cows.

Back in time. Wonderful souvenir. A special collection book full of this and that. At the request of van Gerard Van Os from the trade fair rental company Van Os Sonnevelt, designer Franky Claeys created a visual avalanche of works of art in this book with one leitmotiv, to cow or not to cow

The book starts with Gerard’s collection of several thousand works of art, objects, toys and other knick-knacks. A hobby that got out of hand, some would say, but linked to his professional life it resulted in a beautiful collection. Add this to the master designer’s own artistic and graphic contribution and you get a great book. Encouraged by Gerard the designer let himself go completely. Cows just want to have fun!


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  • The Cowlection
  • Van Os Sonnevelt
  • Hardcover book, the only aim of which is for the book to become a cow object.