An innovative calendar thanks to design, materials and printing techniques

Calendars old-fashioned? Not at all! Our tips for an innovative calendar.

Does the word ‘calendar’ immediately bring to mind bad jokes or the naked Pirelli women? High time to change that!

Combine a fun idea with good design, beautiful materials and modern printing techniques and you will end up with a real eyecatcher. Read on for some inspiration for an innovative calendar.

Calendars old-fashioned? Think again!


3 tips for an innovative calendar

1. Choose an inventive design

An innovative calendar often only requires an inventive design. Bring in a graphic designer and give him or her free rein to work on a calendar that stands out. With them, we can bring your corporate identity to life.

2. Go for beautiful materials and printing techniques that stand out

By choosing nice materials that stand out you have already done half of the work for an innovative calendar. In collaboration with Redopapers, Stockmans used split sheets for a beautiful and sustainable calendar. Want to go a different way? With a  distinctive calendar stand you can put an original item on your desk.

Printing techniques can also give your calendar that extra touch. You can elevate your calendar and make it more tactile by logos or quotes in letterpress or foil. With nice materials and classic printing techniques the possibilities are endless.

3. Personalize it

How can you make a desk calendar for your employees more special? Give each employee a calendar that has been personalized with their first names. By adding everyone’s birthdays you can add some festivity to the office.

Want to take it even further? Of course we can! Add the dates for corporate events and brighten every month with an action picture from last year’s teambuilding. This way you can create an innovative calendar that showcases your corporate identity.


Extra inspiration: Paperwork 2018 – a sustainable work of art

The ultimate goal is of course to have your idea stand out in every way. Paperwork 2018 was designed by Annelies Vanoost and printed by Stockmans.

This innovative calendar assembles 13 art designs and combines state-of-the-art printing techniques with techniques from 60 years ago.

Thanks to the perforation of each page, you can dismantle the calendar into 13 separate artworks. Sustainable right? The judges from the Belgian-Dutch Calendar Competition thought so too.

This yearly competition rewards the best and most innovative calendar concepts. This year they awarded ‘Paperwork 2018’ with the main prize, the first Belgian nomination in years to win!


Looking  for an innovative calendar for 2019?

Looking for an innovative calendar for 2019? As winner of the Belgian-Dutch Calendar Competition, Stockmans has the expertise to surprise you. Contact Stockmans Kalenders, thé calendar specialist since 1875. We will gladly help you!


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