So prettly prattly pollylogue – Nico Dockx

So prettly prattly pollylogue – Nico Dockx

So prettly prattly pollylogue. James Joyce and the art of… cooking, reading, writing, exhibiting, performing, and…

This catalogue was created for the 26th international James Joyce-symposium in june, organised by the University of Antwerp. The research project looks into the potential of the culinary, the visual, the musical and the conceptual character of the arts and whether these can interact nowadays – in the context of an international, academic congress about James Joyce’s literary work. Chef Seppe Nobels was inspired by Ulysses and created the menu for the event. High quality dishes with plenty of vegetarian options, since James Joyce was a vegetarian himself:

“Hay-smoked C’est le pigeon Joseph or Flemish-style asparagus with turnips and roof garden herbs”

The event’s menu was printed with letterpress and serves as the cover for a booklet with ‘some thoughts for food’. Inside, two diagrams on PVC resemble X-rays and interact with the text analyses by Nico Dockx and Geert Lernhout. Joyce never ceases to surprise!

The project is a collaboration between professor emeritus in comparative literature Geert Lernhout (University of Antwerp), artist Nico Dockx (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp), and art historian and curator Sarat Maharaj (Malmö Art Academy/ Lund University). Seppe Nobels has one of the most well-known vegetarian restaurants in Belgium: Graanmarkt 13.


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Graanmarkt 13



  • So prettly prattly pollylogue
  • Nico Dockx

    Cover in letterpress

    16 pages, stapled with two PVC inserts glued by hand


    Cover : Munken Pure Rough 300 grs

    Inner pages: Munken Print Cream 90 grs

    2 PVC sheets: PVC transparant glossy 150


    Size: 148 x 210 mm