Celibataire Divas

Celibataire Divas

The works of over 60 contemporary artists are shown in the exhibition ‘CELIBATAIRE DIVAS’ and every one depicts the search for escapism in his or her own way. In the Herkenrode-refuge house, located in the centre of Hasselt in Belgium, the 21st century human can exchange opinions with the worldview of the powerful women who used to live in the abby of Herkenrode. These women were constantly looking for salvation but at the same time they were independent landowners with a lot of influence.

The Herkenrode Abby was centre of power without equal in its day. The Cistercian nuns had great wordly and spiritual power thanks to the bleeding sacramental bread of 1317. Their former refuge is the perfect location for an art exhibition with a contemporary theme.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with art gallery ‘de Mijlpaal’ and its selection of international and contemporary artworks focuses on the extraordinary world of these emancipated women. Stockmans created an art catalogue for the exposition. The catalogue contains photographs of all art projects that are present, printed on Munken paper and assembled in a striking blue folder in Keaycolour by Antalis. The folder’s cover was printed with opaque white and gold on the UV-press, which gives a remarkable result.


You can visit the exhibition from 2 July until 3 September 2017 at Herkenrode Refuge.


De Mijlpaal


  • Brochure Celibataire Diva's
  • De Mijlpaal

    Folder with 64 ‘postcards’

    Size: 158 x 221 mm

    Cover: Keaykolour porcelain blue 300 grs