Arpaïs Du Bois: Ma belle saison chez Vincent

Arpaïs Du Bois: Ma belle saison chez Vincent

This notebook/sketchbook is the result of Anaïs Du Bois’ stay at Vincent van Gogh’s birthplace, Zundert, in April 2017. She studied Vincent’s letters and went for long walks in the places where he used to go.

“This notebook illustrates the impressions, the search and the working method of Arpaïs Du Bois during her residence. We see what intrigued and touched her. During this period, her starting point was always figuration. As the creating process went on, that figuration evolved to a degree of abstraction that reflects her current way of observing. Thanks to this abstraction, the images call to mind a strong suggestion of an environment she wants to bring to the front. Both the images and the text she added to them stimulate fantasy. They evoke a world that – to quote Vincent – diverges from reality, but is ‘more true than the literal truth’.”

– Ron Dirven, director-curator Vincent Van GoghHuis



Arpaïs Du Bois


  • Ma belle saison chez Vincent
  • Arpaïs Du Bois

    Size: 174 x 237 mm (portrait)

    Technique: Bound with a singer stitch and finished with rounded corners

    Cover: Keaykolour Original Pure White 300 grs

    Inner pages: Biotop 80 grs