Stockmans specializes in the creation and production of calendars, art books and high-end printing. Our expertise, the pursuit of excellence and perfection and the combination of our printing know-how with technological innovation within a strong group, namely Antilope De Bie Printing at Duffel, form the foundations for Stockmans’ success. We talk to our customers, curating your printed material together with you and ensuring your personal involvement.  We are proud of what we produce, day after day, preserving our printing heritage, driven by our passion.

Welcome to our workshops at Duffel.


Sustainable with Redopapers

  • Your corporate culture explained

  • Distinctive calendar stands

  • Cartoons and quotes that make you smile

  • Graphic design in calendars


  • Belgian National Orchestra

  • Bank J. Van Breda – Le travail d’une vie

  • A layer for my throat

  • Wanneer we spreken over kolonisatie

Theo + Tim Van Steenbergen


Songs of the incomplete – Joris Van de Moortel

  • An Onghena – Performance for the Book

  • Frederic Geurts – The works 2010 – 2017

  • Ben Brohanszky – Delete Elite

  • Max Pinckers – Margins of excess