Danielle van Zadelhoff

Danielle van Zadelhoff

The first time I saw a photograph by Danielle van Zadelhoff, I was deeply impressed because her gaze perplexed me, creating the confusion we typically feel when faced with people, circumstances or ideas that conceal some unknown secret—what we call mystery.
She has invented a type of self-portrait using a model other than herself, in which she reflects her complex, sensitive inner world, her woman’s eye and her capacity for interpretation.

– Fernando Francés,
Director Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga (CAC Málaga)


Danielle van Zadelhoff started contemporary photography in 2013 and her works leave a profound impression. She catches the light, has an eye for detail and works intuitively. She discusses poses with her models but gives them the freedom to do what is comfortable for them. This has a disarming effect on them and is perhaps the reason her images feel so real and natural. Her work is often compared to that of the old masters from the renaissance, yet despite van Zadelhoff’s use of the chiaroscuro effect, her images have a distinct contemporary feel to them. She captures the Zeitgeist with contemporary images that have a sense of stillness and are devoid of noise. They invite you to have a moment of deep inner reflection.

What better occasion to publish a photo book than a big solo exhibition? From 30 June to 15 October 2017, Danielle van Zadelhoff’s work will be exhibited at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo in Málaga. A luxurious hardcover edition was created to commemorate this occasion, made in collaboration with Stockmans Publishers. The book is filled with 127 full colour pictures, was printed in Staccato screening for the most detailed results, and in a minimal design to make the pictures stand out even more. The reproduction process on luxury paper, the use of intense black and the fragility of the photos necessitate the use of gloves, which are included with the book. They protect the images and simultaneously create a sort of ritual for experiencing the artist’s work.

Danielle van Zadelhoff


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  • Danielle van Zadelhoff
  • ISBN 9789077207369

    248 pages, hardcover

    235 x 305 portrait

    Full colour, images printed in Staccato grid+ 1 PMS gold 874

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