Melody – YAO Yizhi

Melody – YAO Yizhi

“The true beauty of art is that it knows no boundaries.”

That is definitely the case for this publication. East meets West at the exhibition of artists YAO Yizhi and Walter Vilain. Their shared passion for art let cultural differences melt away and resulted in a beautiful friendship. The exhibition contains some of their most important works, that harmoniously work together despite the different painting techniques.

We printed the exhibition catalogue on our LED-UV press. The beautiful cover on Gmund crème FELT49 is reminiscent of the tactility of the actual works in the exhibition. A pleasure to hold and browse through.

You can visit the exhibition until 10 September at the Chinese Cultural Center.


  • Melody
  • YAO Yizhi

    Cover : Gmund crème FELT49 320 grs

    Inner pages: Arctic Volume matt 170 grs

    Size: 210 x 285 mm portrait

    Glued softcover