The Skin of Sculpture – Anton Cotteleer

The Skin of Sculpture – Anton Cotteleer

How can the skin of a sculpture influence the art work? Artist Anton Cotteleer researched this question by engaging in conversation with several sculptors like Bart Van Dijck, Fia Cielen, Folkert de Jong, Nick Ervinck, Peter Buggenhout, Peter Rogiers, Tim Breukers and himself.


“What does the concept of ‘skin’ signify with your sculptures?”

“Do you see skin as the surface of your sculptures or is skin rather a translation of a body’s surface?” 


At Stockmans we also contemplate a book’s skin extensively before printing. For each project we endeavor to find a fitting kind of paper. For this softcover with flaps we chose Lessebo Design Natural, a paper that creates a lot of tactility and fits the subject really well.


In a design by Jean-Michel Meyers.

Part of the research project ‘The Skin of Sculpture’ at Artesis

  • De huid van de sculptuur
  • Anton Cotteleer

    Sown softcover with 2 flaps

    Size: 170 x 245 mm – portrait

    Cover: Lessebo Design Natural 240 grs

    Inner pages : Lessebo Design Natural 115 grs