Say no to the haters with Astrid Coppens

Stockmans says no the haters with Astrid Coppens

Say no to the haters; a message we at Stockmans can get behind! Cyberbullying and leaving negative comments as an all too common phenomenon in our online world. After one too many hate messages about her body on her social media, Astrid Coppens decided to take action. Together with famous friends like Jani Kazaltzis, Karen Damen, James Cooke, Eva Daeleman, Dorien Leyers, Fleur van Groningen, Aagje Vanwalleghem, Sabine Peeters and Jelle Van Damme, she decided to fight back against bodyshaming. The end product is this desk calendar, filled with personal testimonies and striking images.

The concept? Fighting bullies by accepting your body and proudly showing it to the world. The combination of strong images with open testimonies about each model’s insecurities give us a look behind the screen. With this look, Astrid hopes to help others and show them they are not alone.



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