Paperwork 2018

Paperwork 2018 by Annelies Vanoost

Paperwork 2018 is reminiscent of the Bauhaus style and artists such as Calder.

As a graphic designer, Annelies Vanoost naturally links product design with applied art.

Her designs for Paperwork 2018, in collaboration with Stockmans, came into being through a series of sketches and collages that served as materials for specific product prints.

Paperwork consists of 8 different kinds of paper, 6 colours, and letterpress on 9 sheets. Blue glue assembles the piece.

These special prints have a dual function: they can be used as a calendar but also as a collection of 13 artworks. Thanks to the perforation of each page, you can dismantle the calendar into separate artworks.

Bring a bright pop of colour into your interior with Paperwork 2018. This limited edition on 365 items is a must have for every fan of design!

From a designer’s point of view, the calendar is a real technical feat. Stockmans combined the latest printing technology to letterpress techniques that are applied with 50-year old printing presses. The 8 different luxury papers from the Antalis collection, create an atmosphere of art prints from different periods. They look like lithos or even screen prints but were printed in offset with UV tecnhique. A limited edition for fans of special prints and/or art lovers.


Winner of the Belgian-Dutch Calendar Competition 2018!