Sustainable with Redopapers

Sustainable with Redopapers

A new exciting and sustainable calendar project for Stockmans, in collaboration with Redopapers!

In a new concept, Stockmans and Redopapers combine creativity with environmental awareness. When a book or other project is printed, the first page is not immediately perfect. The colours are tested and adjusted until the perfect result is reached. The pages that are used during this process are called ‘split sheets’ and they are usually assembled and taken away for recycling, in combination with waste sheets and misprints. Together with Redopapers, Stockmans wants to give these split sheets a new life!

The sheets are used as the basis for a new calendar concept. At Stockmans we create original art projects that make for great backgrounds to get creative with Redopapers. Each printing sheet that was used is different, which makes each calendar a unique piece.

For this daily and monthly calendar, we used the split sheets that came from a magazine for the Antwerp Fashion Masters of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The magazine was filled with colourful posters of designs by the 2017 master students of the Fashion Academy. These remarkable fashion creations serve as the basis for a daily calendar and a monthly calendar that both allow you to tear off each day.

The binding technique chosen for the monthly calendar is a singer stitch, executed with an industrial sowing machine. The back of the daily calendar was left unadorned on purpose to showcase a technique that is often used when glue is utilized as binding. Both techniques were done in a sheltered workshop, making this a sustainable project that creates employment.

These calendars are environmentally aware and fit perfectly within a circular economy!

Redopapers was recently elected as ‘start-up of the year 2017’, in which they convinced the jury with their social and sustainable methods.