I can do this for hours – Nico Dockx

I can do this for hours – Nico Dockx

The result of ARTICULATE, an event that intended to create collaborations that transcend the confines of specific fields. This LP insert with action drawings by Patrick Pleutin was printed on Biotop paper and fits perfectly inside the sleeve of an LP. Edition of 300.

The project for this publication links the visual to the auditory and the culinary in a collaboration that transcends boundaries and brings people together. These kind of multidisciplinary projects in which artists work with people from different fields are increasingly common. In this case artists, musicians and drawing artists each created a part of this art project.

Musician Eric Thielemans, artist Nico Dockx and a group of artists, thinkers, art students and researchers spent a day discussing, eating, listening to lectures, gigs, interventions and music. A research day with ‘the act of making and collaborating with others’ as the starting point.

Event organized by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the Royal Conservatory Antwerp (AP Hogeschool).



Event / Publication Concept: Nico Dockx, Eric Thielemans

Drawings: Patrick Pleutin

Texts: Ramuntcho Matta, Molly Nesbit, Otark Productions, Christos Papasotiriou, Gert Verschraegen

Images: Bertrand Cavalier (gatefold cover), Ioanna Mathopoulou (labels), Zena Van den Block (sleeve)

Sounds: Soet Kempeneer, Hendrik Lasure, Francisco López, Eric Thielemans, Casper Van De Velde, Pieter-Jan Vercammen

Mastering: Krist Torfs, TBM Studios

Design: Nico Dockx, Jean-Michel Meyers