Theo + Tim Van Steenbergen

theo and Tim Van Steenbergen inspired by Guy Vandenbranden

This recent collaboration between theo and Tim Van Steenbergen goes arty! The gorgeous new collection of sunglasses is based on the work of Belgian constructivist painter Guy Vandenbranden, an artist deeply admired by Tim (he owns some of his work) who made quite a name for himself in the art world with his focus on composition, rhythm, form and colour. (Sounds familiar? Tim and theo thought so too.) Each model is an inventive combination of titanium (very rare for sunglasses) and acetate shaped in such a way that the different planes create distinctive effects. The colours seem to have been drawn straight from the paintings and vary from bright and sunny to shadowy and subdued. The glasses were named after the paintings they were inspired by as an homage to the artist.

This brochure presents the new collection and explains their link to the works that inspired them. It was printed on Gmund paper that is reminiscent of the tactility of the artworks and brings the reader as close to the art as possible.



Tim Van Steenbergen

  • theo + Tim Van Steenbergen

    Glued softcover

    Size: 210 x 210 mm portrait

    Cover: Gmund crème FELT49 320 grs

    Inner pages: Gmund Smooth blanc 120 grs

    Sketches (inner pages): Gmund Tactile crème 90 grs