7 reasons to invest in a printed calendar in 2019


Why would anyone order a printed calendar in 2019? During these times of online sharing everyone has their agenda on their smartphone and/or computer after all.

Fair question!


contrary to popular belief, printed calendars still have their function. Here are 7 reasons not to underestimate this handy branding and communication tool:


1. Give your clients a straightforward, self-explanatory gift

The best promotional gifts are simple ones. A printed calendar is an item that requires no manual or explanation. Its simple character is its strength.

No need for a complicated campaign with manuals and precautions, but a straightforward, self-explanatory gift that everyone knows how to use.


2. ‘In the picture’ for 365 days

There are few media that allow you to be visible every day of the year. An item that is used daily like a calendar, enables you to showcase the company name and carefully selected images. A good tool for your visibility and branding!


3. Empower your commercial storytelling

Not only does a calendar help with your visibility and company image, it is also the ideal tool to work on the storytelling of your company.

Which message do you want to send and how do you show what you stand for? Each month you can choose images and content that explain your vision. Images that help people to get to know you.


4. Promote your company with cheap daily publicity

The cost of daily publicity is exceptionally low for a calendar. In addition, people are not agitated by a daily ‘intrusion’ the way they often are with TV commercials, Facebook advertisements and large billboards.


5. Strengthen the internal cohesion and storytelling within your company

A calendar can also be used to strengthen the internal cohesion and feeling of solidarity within a company.

Do you regularly plan events with the company? Do you compete in a marathon? Support a charity event? Have Happy Hour each last Friday of the month?

Put the important dates in your calendar and motivate your employees to join by adding pictures from previous editions. Everyone will want to be a part of it!


6. Use a visual planning device with great functionality

Online calendars and agendas are ever present and we use them as well. Planning meetings, sending invitations for brainstorm sessions, they really are very handy.

Still, we look at a printed calendar at least once every day. Not only for our storytelling, but also to maintain an overview, look ahead and keep an eye on the week numbers.

This way, we regularly stumble upon a deadline that was much closer than it seemed. By visualizing dates and deadlines on paper everything becomes more concrete and that enables us to plan better.


7. Share or enjoy functional art

Who says a calendar has to fit a certain grid?

Each year Stockmans creates at least one art calendar in collaboration with an artist or designer. We try to innovate each time and find a design that fits the design and elevates the product to so much more than just a calendar.

Last year’s collaboration – with designer Annelies Vanoost – can be disassembled into 13 separate artworks thanks to perforation strips. The pages were even used as special desk pads during design meetings by some creative people.

With Annelies’s design we won the Dutch-Belgian Calendar Competition 2018, showcasing that there are plenty of innovative ideas in the sector and that these are rewarded.


Do you want a printed calendar for 2019?


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