Paper invitations for Jarno Kettunen

Why send out paper invitations?

It is a rare occurrence to receive paper invitations in this digital age; especially a luxurious one that is intended to exhibit on your desk. Their rarity is what makes them pop out so much.

When there is clear thought behind the design and the kind of paper, an invitation is even more memorable. A tactile paper or a special technique during printing, motivates people to touch and investigate. During this process, they hold the invitations for longer and the chances of them actually reading the text increase significantly. It’s worth a try!


About the invitations for Jarno Kettunen

For the presentation of ‘a sketchbook as a diary’ by artist Jarno Kettunen we created an invitation of a similar high quality as the sketchbook itself.

Printed on Fuego Felt with matching envelopes, these invitations exude exclusivity. The front and back contain drawings that were also used in the sketchbook while inside you can find the program and a few action shots of Jarno.


Jarno Kettunen

a sketchbook as a diary