Stockmans specializes in the creation and production of calendars, art books and high-end printing. Our expertise, the pursuit of excellence and perfection and the combination of our printing know-how with technological innovation within a strong group, namely De Bie Printing at Duffel, form the foundations for Stockmans’ success. We talk to our customers, curating your printed material together with you and ensuring your personal involvement.  We are proud of what we produce, day after day, preserving our printing heritage, driven by our passion.

Welcome to our workshops at Duffel.


Gold calendars for Russia

  • On your desk or workbench for 366 days

  • Desktop flip calendars, asymmetric design

  • One-2-One desktop flip calendars personalized with a name

  • Come dine with me! A dish served up on your calendar


  • Medieval Art catalogue

  • Needle and thread for the Coffee Master

  • Wout Bru, Pop-Up restaurant

  • Technical applications

Van Os, cow collection, a MOOving art collection


Luc Tuymans, Budapest & Warsaw catalogue

  • Van Os, presenting the cowlection

  • An ode to Andy Warhol

  • Alfredo Falvo I Lost Angels

  • Bruno Vekemans, a collection of books